Lauren Eldridge Stewart

Lauren Eldridge Stewart is a researcher, specializing in the study of music as impacted by gender and race.



"'Will We Remember the Way We Were?' The Past and Future Tenses of Lauryn Hill's

'Ex-Factor'" on Musicology Now, a blog sponsored by the American Musicological Society                              2018


Recording review, "Lakou Mizik: Wa Di Yo" in the world of music (new series)                                                2018


Book review, Voodoo and Power: The Politics of Religion in New Orleans 1881-1940 by Kodi                        2017

A. Roberts in Folklore 128:3


Book review, Painting the Gospel: Black Public Art and Religion in Chicago by Kymberly N.                         2017

Pinder in Journal of Folklore Research


Book review, Histoire du Style Musical d'Haïti by Claude Dauphin in The Journal of                                        2016

Haitian Studies 22:2


Entries on Occide Jeanty, Henri Salvador, and Farah Juste in the Dictionary of Caribbean

and Afro-Latin American Biography                                                                                                                     2016


“(Re)Membering Haiti through Mizik Klasik” in The Journal of Haitian Studies 21.1                                       2015


"CBMR Presents Black Vocality II: Cultural Memory, Identities, and Practices of

African-American Singing Styles" in CBMR Digest 27.2                                                                                     2014


Book review, Buena Vista in the Club: Rap, Reggaetón, and Revolution in Havana by Geoffrey

Baker in Callaloo 37.1                                                                                                                                        2014



Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration - Heritage University                                                                               2018

            The Power of Sound: Embodied Approaches to Sonic Activism (Invited Keynote)                           


Rendering (the) Visible III: Liquidity - Georgia State University                                                                         2018

            The Other Side of the Water: Haitian-Americans Compose Nation and the Self                             


Haitian Studies Association - New Orleans, Louisiana                                                                                         2017

            The Art of Citizenship: Kehinde Wiley's Vision of Port-au-Prince


Caribbean Studies Association - Nassau, Bahamas                                                                                               2017

            Negotiating Voluntourist Music Camps in Haiti


The Luise E. Peake Music and Culture Colloquium Series - Invited lectures at the University of

South Carolina                                                                                                                                          2016

A Black Girl's World: Composing the Self in Haiti

Racing Genre: Choral Performances of an Authentic Haiti


"Studying the Score: Race, Class, and Privilege in Classical Music" - University of Chicago                             2016

            Panel Discussion Participant


American Anthropological Association - Denver, Colorado                                                                                 2015

            Working at Playing in Haiti's Summer Music Camps           


Haitian Studies Association Conference - Université de Montréal                                                                       2015

            A Home Away from Haiti


EthNoise! The Ethnomusicology Workshop, University of Chicago                                                                    2015

            Racing Genre: Choral Performances of an Authentic Haiti


Society for Ethnomusicology 59th Annual Meeting – University of Pittsburgh                                                   2014

            (Re)membering Haiti Through Mizik Klasik


Haitian Studies Association Conference – University of Notre Dame                                                                  2014

                        (Re)membering Haiti Through Mizik Klasik


Garth Institute for Music Research and Performance Symposium at University of Michigan                             2014

                        A Charge to Keep: Gendered Mission and Vocation in Haitian Classical Music


Haitian Culture and Language Roundtable, University of Chicago                                                                      2014

                        Gade Dèyè: an Overview of Haitian Musical Genres


Fourth Kenyetta Festival of Women in Jazz, Spelman College                                                                           2013  

                        Silly Ladies: A Few Musings on Gender, Race, Memory, and Jazz


Second City Anthropology Conference                                                                                                                 2013

            A Walk Around Woodson: Black Sacred Space, Musical Meaning, and Social Movements


Chicago Ethnography Conference                                                                                                                         2013

                        Haiti as a Model for the Community Music School


Race and Religion workshop, University of Chicago                                                                                           2013

            A Walk Around Woodson: Black Sacred Space, Musical Meaning, and Social Movements


Haitian Studies Association Conference – City University of New York                                                             2012

                        The Gift of Music: A Community Music School in a Culture of Aid


57th Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials (Port of Spain, Trinidad)                        2012

                        The Gift of Music: A Community Music School in a Culture of Aid


16th Annual Northwestern University Black Graduate Student Association Conference                                     2012

                        The Gift of Music: A Community Music School in a Culture of Aid


Stony Brook University Graduate Music Symposium                                                                                           2012

                        The Gift of Music: A Community Music School in a Culture of Aid




            Introduction to World Music (Spelman College)                                                                                       2018

            Aesthetics of Activism (Spelman College)                                                                                       2017-2018

Introduction to Black Music - online offering (Columbia College Chicago)                                          2015

Introduction to World Music (University of Chicago)                                                                             2014

Fellowships and Awards

Woodrow Wilson Career Enhancement Adjunct Faculty Fellowship                                                      2018


Joint Dissertation Fellow, the Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture

and the Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality (University of Chicago)                                2015-16


Howard Mayer Brown Fellow, American Musicological Society                                                     2015-16


Mellon-Mays Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Completion Grant                                                      2015-16


FLAS (Haitian Kreyòl)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 2013-14



                                                                                                                                 Summers 2013 and 2011


Lowell C. Wadmond Grant (University of Chicago)                                                               2014 and 2011


Social Science Research Council Graduate Studies Enhancement Grant                                2013 and 2012


Center for Latin American Studies Field Research Grant                                                        2012 and 2011


UNCF Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship                                                                            2008-2010


Conferences, Symposia, and Workshops Organized

UNCF/Mellon Programs Conference, Atlanta, GA                                                                                 2017


UNCF/Mellon Programs International Seminar Focus Group, Spelman College                                   2017


Co-coordinator of EthNoise! The Ethnomusicology Workshop, UChicago                                      2012-13


              Bissa Na Bisso: A Discussion on Music and Collaborative Ethnography in Africa, UChicago             2013


              Beyond the Headlines: Haiti in Music, UChicago                                                                              2012-13


              Haiti Culturally, UChicago                                                                                                                      2012



The R. Nathaniel Dett Club of Music and Allied Arts (NANM)

Saint Thomas Episcopal Church                                                                                                      February 24, 2013


Recital and lecture, Fulton Hall, The University of Chicago                                                                May 24, 2013


Recital and program notes, Quisqueya Chapel, Port-au-Prince, Haiti                                            December 5, 2013

                   Reviewed in Le Nouvelliste on December 12, 2013


(Re)Memory: A Recital Remembering the 2010 Haitian Earthquake (2014)

University of Chicago – Fulton Hall                                                                                   Jan. 12 and Feb. 6

Bradley University – Dingeldine Music Center                                                                                    Jan. 13

Bethel Gospel Tabernacle – Queens, NY                                                                                              Jan. 19

Lawrence Conservatory – Harper Hall                                                                                                 Jan. 23

Texas Woman’s University – Margo Jones Performance Center                                                         Jan. 30


Performance and remarks, benefit concert for BLUME Haiti                                                                   Nov. 9, 2014


Selected Academic Service

Faculty Coordinator, Mellon Cape Town Experience January Term                                                       2018


Program Committee, Public Music Discourse: In Honor of the Bernstein Centenary,

University of South Carolina, Columbia                                                                                                  2017


Invited lecture to the student body of Kallgreen Academy

(Port-au-Prince, Haiti)                                                                                                                              2015